Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Abi did it."

I will begin my post with Olivia's new favorite sentence, " Abi did it". It doesn't matter what I ask Olivia, her answer always points to Abi. It is cute for now.
Olivia also correctly identified a horse in a pasture for the first time today. Typically she calls all of them a "moo moo tow". One more Olivia story and then I will move on, tonight after supper I gave Olivia some M&M's for dessert (they are her favorite) and she looked at me, smiled, and said, "Kank you, Isa" and then she immediately covered her face as if she was embarrased that she called me Lisa instead of Momma.

Alex sent me some beautiful flowers to work last week. We won't go into why the flowers were sent :o) but they are gorgeous.

We went to Grammie and Papaw's last Friday and spent the night. The girls had fun and I think the grandparents did too.

Grammie had a bucket for the girls to play with and they figured out a great game to play pretty quickly.

We stopped in Hot Springs on the way back home and went to the mall. Abi got a couple of pairs of shoes to start school with and we had a really nice time. We let the girls go to Candy Craze and pick out some candy. They LOVED that. Olivia got a whole canister full of, you guessed it, M&M's.

There's a funny story behind this gummie strawberry. While picking out the candy from the bins, Abi turned to Alex and said, " I think I need to get something healthy, so I will get some of these strawberries."

I told Abi this snake would creep Nana out.

Sunday afternoon we had a birthday dinner for Brent at our house. He is very paranoid and anxious about turning 3 years. So, being the considerate, sympathetic cousin that I am, I got him a cake that was completely appropriate for the occassion.

Little Livi rockin' with Brent.


Nanna Nette said...

Cute pics! Glad you had a good weekend. I know the grandparents were glad to get to spend time with the kiddos. Yes, the snake freaks me out!! EEUUWWW!
Poor Brent, I don't think you can divorce cousins.

Luv U All!

Anonymous said...

You are so mean to him. You know he is gonna get you back one of these days and I may just have to laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya DeDee