Saturday, February 23, 2013


Olivia turned 6 last week.
She had a wonderful birthday if I do say so myself. She had a birthday shirt and birthday cookies in her lunch box. Cupcakes were delivered to her class and I surprised her by leaving work early and visiting her at school. She was so surprised. We walked to the book fair where she got to pick out some books. I checked her out early and that night we all went to La Hacienda for her birthday dinner. They sang to her and gave her a sombrero(which is always added to the tab). She then got some birthday gifts when we got home.
And today was her actual birthday party. She had a ton of wonderful friends come to Party Central for a bouncy house party. She was so happy to see everyone and loved her gifts. One of her favorite things are the birthday cards. She stacks them all up and keeps them in her room to look at from time to time. Leading up to her birthday she would often say," you guys can get me a card for my birthday when I'm not around."
I love that little mess.
I've been telling her for months that its against the law for 6 year olds to be held and that the police will get me if they catch me carrying her. Alex picked her up on her birthday and she gasped. She quickly reminded him that its against the law and he told her the law doesn't apply to daddys.
She's a blessed little girl and we are so thankful God has allowed us to raise her.

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