Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend with the Fam

The work weeks seem to be flying by so far. There is never a dull moment at the office. And we are embracing the "weekend warrior" role.

When I got home from work Friday, I got to work on a birthday cake for a friend of mine. Her little boy was turning one and she wanted a monkey cake for him.

I took the cake to her and then went to see "My Sister's Keeper" with Dedee and her daughter Megan. It was a good movie and nice to get out with some friends. This was the only half way decent picture I got of the three of us.

Saturday we packed up a picnic lunch and went out to DeGray to swim. Karen, Leslie, and Khennedy met us there and we had hot dogs and watermelon for lunch. We all hit the lake after lunch. We were hoping to hop into the cool water after a hot afternoon, but no such luck. The water was warm and unsatisfying. We had a good time anyway though.

Last weekend Alex's parents brought us some vegetables from their garden and it seems that a very special set of squash had grown there....

Grammy Retta called it "The Three Sisters"

This was Olivia at breakfast telling me that "OSO" was on t.v.

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Jessica said...

What a fun cake! and we were at the lake Saturday as well! We went from one end of the lake to the other and could NOT find any remotely cool water! blech.