Monday, June 22, 2009

Flocking as a Family

We headed to Paris, TX Friday afternoon for a Race For The Cure walk with the team "Friends of Harold and Tim" for my Uncle.My Memaw and Mom met us there. We all had a good time celebrating the survivors and the lives of those that are no longer with us. When the luminary ceremony began, I explained to Abi and KayKay about the candles and bags representing the people that have fought cancer. It was a late night. When we got back to the hotel, I bathed the girls and worked on getting them ready for bed. Abi was laying in bed and said, "Momma, I had a really good time tonight. During that one part, I was with Memaw, and I cried a little bit." I began to ask her what she was talking about and she told me that it made her sad when they showed pictures of people. I asked her what the pictures were and she began to cry and said "cancer". I tried to explain to her that we were there to help find a cure for cancer and that Uncle Tim would not want her to be sad. She eventually calmed down and went to sleep but she is such a deep thinker and a tender heart.

We all miss Uncle T and think of him and Aunt Pam, Linds, Zac, and Jackson daily. I am so very proud of the person that he was and comforted by knowing where he will be waiting for us.

........We took the girls swimming in the pool at the hotel Saturday morning and then went to visit the cemetary. We headed to Newhope after leaving Blossom for our monthly family potluck.

We had a really great potluck. My Aunt Susan, cousins Katelyn, Jessica, Trent, Uncle Gordon, Papaw McBay, Granny, Uncle Danny, Memaw, brother, parents, Alex's dad and mom, Alex, the kids, and I were all there. We had the BEST time grilling out and visiting. I am so proud of all of my family and the love we are able to show. Poppa grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and everyone brought the yummiest casseroles and sides. We laughed and visited all afternoon. The girls gave the grandpa's and daddy their father's day gifts, and there were lots of hugs.

On a side note:
Makayla has been having some issues with her stomach lately. She has been getting sick almost every morning at breakfast for a couple of weeks. She had no other symptoms except for the occassional belly ache at bed time. I got worried because she used to aspirate, so I got her a doctor appointment on Friday and Dr. Weed said that she has reflux. He prescribed her Prevacid and she seems to be doing better so far.
I hope you all are staying cool out there in the internet world. It has been a hot one so far!


Nanna Nette said...

We so enjoyed the weekend,too! I agree that we are truly blessed with wonderful family. Sometimes we take that for granted. I love you all very much and am so thankful the Lord let me share your lives.

The Harper Family said...

My goodness...this post made me cry too! What a sweet little girl you have and such a tender heart.

Love the shirts! And what a wonderful cause. Your Uncle Tim was a wonderful man of God and I am thankful I knew him.