Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Week Later

I don't have any new pictures for this post(boring, I know). But I wanted to update from my last dreadful entry.

Things are going pretty good. I am learning to let things go and understand that millions of American moms have to leave their kids with someone. And I am thankful that the woman keeping mine is so crazy about them. She genuinely has a desire to help them learn and grow. Olivia is having tantrums a LOT more than she did. She is mean to her daddy every day when he picks her up. She cries all of the time it seems like. I do feel like this is due to the fact that her daddy and I discipline a little bit more than Ms Lisa. But she could be worse. Makayla was pinching some of the kids at daycare, but after we talked about it she decided to be nice to others.

Abigail lost two teeth over the weekend! She is so competitive. She couldn't stand the fact that Makayla lost a tooth and got money. Lol. We went back home and visited our families also. We were happy to see Jessica's baby Ben and that he was out of the hospital. Nana and Poppa cooked some great food for us too.

Alex is still liking his job and is able to help out a lot more with the kiddos. He has been VERY helpful around the house with chores too. We try to savor our time in the evening with the girls, and I am definitely more appreciative of the weekends. The days were just a blur when I stayed at home. Alex has thanked me several times for going back to work so that he doesn't have to travel and be away from us anymore.

I really like all of the people that I work with and am feeling a little bit more comfortable with it. There are just a lot of policies and procedures to learn. But it will all make sense in time.

I found some pictures from this time last year...

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Nanna Nette said...

Kudos to Alex!! It helps so much when daddy helps out. You can enjoy your evening much better. You both are super parents, and your girls know it! Luv U!