Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome Back!

Things around here haven't been too extremely busy, but I have been keeping my distance from the computer. I cleaned off our desk in our office/Livi's bedroom. The poor child is stuck with a Razorback bedroom because of the sudden arrival of her and her sisters. We are hoping to one day add on to the house but that's a story for another time. So, the only times I can get online is when she is not sleeping. At this moment, she's in her bed attempting to take a nap while I type away.

Last week we kept my good friend Angela's little girl, Riley. She is such a fun kid to have around!
She was cleaning off the sunglasses.

Olivia finally got better towards the end of last week and we went to Newhope on Friday to visit our families. We also went ahead and celebrated Mother's Day with the grandma's because we don't know if we will be able to come back down next weekend.

The most genuine smile I have ever caught on camera.

She LOVES pop pop.

That looks like more than one piece, Olivia!

After church, we went to the Mt. Joy decoration and pot luck. There was lots of great food and we got to see Shirley and Coy! We love Shirley and Coy!

We also got to see Memaw. She had been gone to Indiana for a couple of weeks and we were missin' her too!

A fuzzy photo of our family.

We had family pizza and movie night last night. Alex and I had a veggie pizza and the girls made their pizzas like they usually do. Makayla said she made a ghost out of her canadian bacon pieces and Abi made a smiley face. They love being little chefs! We watched Bolt and it was a cute movie.

Makayla had her Kindergarten well visit at the doctor today. She has perfect vision and is doing great! She has lost 2 pounds but the nurse thought that was because she is no longer taking Ritalin. She weighs 41 pounds and is 3.6 ft tall. She didn't need any shots and is caught up until she is 11. Without further ado, here is my 2nd Kindergartner.

We hope all of you are doing well and I will try to not let another week pass before I update this thing again!

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