Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Tribute to Mom

My mom and I didn't always see eye to eye when I was young,
I frequently was lashed at by her tongue.
We went round and round, but thankfully niether of us ended up in the ground.

As I grew older, we became close and leaned on one another's shoulder.
We were friends and frequently traded grins.
We laughed, we cried, we were bona fide.

The time came for me to move on but our relationship continued to be strong.
We talked on the phone several times a day, even if it was just to say "hey".
Then life took over and our talks became sporadic. The drastic change was quiet dramatic.

And then, over night, I had a family. The challenges proved, yet again, that she was there for me. Nana became her name and she has been anything but lame.

Life has shown us what we are made of.
And we all know that the strength we have came from above.

She is a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a wife, a mother, a Nana, a Christian, a hard worker, a generous giver, and an amazing human being. Now that you've seen who she is and the kind of life she has led, NO, YOU CAN'T HAVE HER, SHE'S OUR PUP HEAD!

*We love you Nana Net and we know how blessed we are to have you in our lives. Have a great day and know that we feel this way about you EVERY day.


Nanna Nette said...

Thank you so much for my tribute! I didn't realize you consider them tongue lashings!! HA!! You are an amazing daughter and mother. We can't know how hard the job of parent is until we are one! It is definitely the most important job you will ever have. We always feel responsible when things don't go right and wonder what we should have done differently. The answer, I think, is always the same; do the best we can and leave the rest to God. I am very proud of the way you have grown up to be such and amazing daughter, wife, mother and all ready wonderful person!! I luv U Much!! Mutha

Nanna Nette said...

Sorry, I meant all around wonderful person, not all ready!

Prayers for Ava said...

Beautiful poem & tribute to your mom Beth!! Loved it.