Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Epcot was so much fun. And we didn't even see half of it. We used our phones to find character meet and greets through out the parks. That App came in very handy.
We also had my favorite meal at the Tangerine Cafe. It was Mediterranean and delicious!! We also saw Mary Poppins at Epcot, which was positively perfect in every way.
The Nemo ride was entertaining and our magical moment of the day happened at the aquarium following the ride. The girls had watched the dolphin trainer have the dolphins do tricks and were moving on to look at them swim in the underwater tunnel. The trainer comes up to our girls and asks if they want to have the dolphin do some tricks. Of course they did! They stood in front of the glass and did as the trainer told them. It was (can you guess?) AMAZING!
It was really got so we let the girls run around in the splash park. Olivia was too short to ride one of the rides so she and I waited in a meet and greet line for the characters. She laughed so hard at Pluto when he put her autograph right in front of his eyes to sign it.
We also ran into a celebrity while she was crossing the street. Belle. The girls ran straight to her and held her hands as she went to her autograph location. I was amazed at how they all stayed in character.
Stay Tuned!

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