Sunday, April 1, 2012

the littlest sister turns 5

All three girls squealed at the top of their lungs when they got in this car. I told their mom's that this was a glimpse into our future.

Lexi is Olivia's best friend. She's earning her keep by putting Olivia's slipper back on.
The A Team!!!
We love them!!!
Momma Deb loving on her Livi

Olivia had a wonderful birthday party at Larry's Pizza with all of our Benton family and friends.
She chose the location this year and the theme.
We had a really good time with everyone.

And then she had a Newhope party with our families.
Cake Pops made by Sanctified Cakes
Sleeping beauties playing possum before the party
I had to be creative with the candles because they wouldn't fit in a cake pop.
Memaw, Grammie Retta, and Big Granny
Olivia opened her new 3DS.
Abi's face says," She got what?!"

And then she says," I only have a regular DS. That is a 3DS, Olivia."
It was too funny.
She was a little miffed that the 5 year old got a more advanced toy that what she has.
In our defense, the 3DS was on sale for the same price as the regular ones.
Go big or go home, right?
They all had a good time checking out the new DS in the end.

                                              Happy Birthday to another 5 year old!!
                                                                We love you, Sissy.

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