Sunday, April 29, 2012


Debbie and I spent the day visiting local antique shops on Saturday.
We hardly ever get to spend time together outside of working together occasionally.
We met up at a local shop in Benton and made the rounds.
I immediately spotted the chair above. I am working on creating a new dining room set with mismatched chairs and am on the prowl.
I documented our day in photos.
There were antique cameras everywhere.
Very neat.
I loved this burlap cork board.
I have plans to create one soon.
I always think of my mom when I see cookware like this.
She has several pieces like this.
Deb wanted to make sure she saw everything.
And in one of the antique shops, these would have came in VERY handy.
I told her it seemed like an episode of hoarders. We could barely squeeze down the aisles with old stuff piled to the ceiling.
My brother and I watched The California Raisins all the time at my Aunt Susan's house when we were growing up. I was truly baffled when I saw a commercial on tv stating that someone other than the California Raisins sang "I heard it through the grapevine".
I just thought this was funny.
Klutch: An adhesive powder for dental plates.

This hutch is from the 1800's and I fell in love with it!
I plan to go back soon to see if someone swiped it.
My mom used to save jelly jars for us to drink out of.
Some of these were the exact same designs as the ones we had.

Debbie and I took a lunch break at Ed and Kay's Restaurant in Benton.
That was the highest mound of calf slobber I had ever seen.
And I scraped it off. I am not fond of the slobber.
Love the chocolate pie part though.

I found a lot of amazing things and have a new project that I'm working on as a result of the weekend.
I started working on it today and the girls were outside playing. Our neighbor Andrew came over and Olivia said," Andrew, Momma is working on her special project."
Such a mess.
My outings with Debbie don't happen nearly enough and I had a great time with her.
Things are still busy around here with sports, school, and work.
I don't get to blog nearly like I want to but I am keeping photos and memories stored up for a time when I can document them.
Have a great week!

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