Monday, February 6, 2012

the yearly stirring....aka Christmas with Nan&Pop

We get chocolate gravy every year on Christmas morning from Nan.
Pop was in on the kitchen action this year as well.
We had a ton of good food that we will be looking forward to it all year again.

My brother is a very creative guy. He always has been.
He craftfully decorated this gift with toilet paper.

It really was almost too cute to open.
It had a Tom&Jerry vibe to it.

We were all together this year for Christmas and all went to church together as well.
It was a teary eyed kind of day for mom and I.
We were both so glad to be with everyone and make those important memories.

And the messy chocolate mouths.

The opening of Christmas gifts at Nan's to come.

And hopefully Christmas will be wrapped up sometime in February. ;)

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