Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cousins Reunited

All of Truman and Loretta's grand kids were together for Christmas this year.
The girls have the best time when they get to spend time with their cousins. And of course Grammie cooked lots of good food for everyone.

Becky's kids have grown so much but it's like the girls pick up right where they left off every time they see each other.

It is also interesting to see Alex and his sister Becky get together. They are a lot alike in the way they come across and talk. There also seems to be another similarity.
Can you tell what it is?

Got one!

Makayla loved Aunt Becky's dog.

She was put in her crate because she was nipping at people and Aunt Becky said she was 'aggravated".
Makayla asked "When she's done being aggravated, can we let her out?"

They also really like clanking on Grammie's piano.

Everyone was watching the talent show.

The talent was amazing.

The big two of the group.

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