Sunday, June 26, 2011

here, there, and everywhere

My friend, Angela, told me about a lady in town that offers swim lessons during the summer. I got Olivia signed up and she practiced in the evenings for a week. She loved it. She would ask almost every time we got in the car if it was time for her swim lesson. She was in a class with two boys that were younger than her and niether of them liked the water much. She is such a fish! She dunked her head constantly and we had to watch her like a hawk because she would try to get in the water without the instructor paying attention. The teacher was showing her how to hold her face in the water while swimming and Olivia would always dunk her head way under the water. To help her understand, the teacher said, "Olivia, I need to be able to see your pony tail sticking out of the water." The next time Olivia practiced it she, again, stuck her head deep into the water but this time she grabbed her pony tail and held it up out of the water. She had the parents there cracking up.
Another thing we have done recently is take the girls to the water park in Arkadelphia. They really liked it and Olivia practiced her newly learned swimming techniques. There were a ton of people though which made it difficult to actually swim around. We didn't stay too long but Alex and I ended up with some pretty good burns anyway. While we were there, Olivia got sick to her tummy and sat out for a little bit.

She felt better after a little break and hopped back into the pool.

All three of the pretty girls ready for school.
(Obviously this was a month or so ago)

We aired up the kiddie pool a few weeks ago for the girls to play in. We haven't found many options locally for the girls to go swimming. And they have outgrown this pool for sure, but fun was had regardless.
They kept whispering to one another. Like there was some secret mastermind plot.

And then Olivia carried through a plot of her own...

And here is sweet little softball KayKay.
She is finished with softball now but had a great season and was such a proud kiddo!

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