Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the girls

I have been attempting to get this post up all week!

Uploading pictures has proven to be a slow slow process.

I just had to fit a few recent pictures of the girls in on here.

They are still growing up so fast. We have had crazy busy weeks. They all had dental appointments Tuesday morning. Their teeth all looked great. Makayla has a follow up visit because she broke a front tooth in January and it appears to have stopped growing. It's quiet a bit shorter than her other front tooth and the dentist is going to reconstruct it so that they are closer in size. I got them all breakfast at ChicFilA and then got them all to school/daycare. I then had to get to the hospital here for a pre-op appointment. I am having gall bladder surgery Friday morning and had to complete some testing and paperwork. I then had to go to the Health Dept for a TB skin test for my job. And then to work. It was a crazy day!

Most of our days are still filled with practices and games of all sorts. The rain gave us a break for a few weeks. Now a lot of the softball fields are flooded so we continue to have cancellations.

On a parting note, please pray for our KayKay. Her behaviors at school seem to deteriorate almost daily. We are having a lot of issues with her and no method of correction seems to be working. We are working on getting her in to see someone that can hopefully point us in the right direction.
Don't forget to add patience for Alex and I to that prayer as well!

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