Saturday, May 14, 2011

dr jellybean

See all three of my girls layed out for their 6 month dental check ups??

I told you about Makayla's front tooth needing repairs. Other than that, this trip was smooth sailing!

The girls call their dentist "Dr. Jellybean" because he playfully calls them "jellybean" when he's talking to them. I'm sure it's a clever cover up for not knowing their names. But they like it.

This post is a little random,but here is Olivia and Nana at Maggie Moos getting a treat last Saturday. I wanted to get out of the house after my surgery on Friday. I had the bright idea that it might help me not be so stiff and get around easier if I didn't just lay around. I lasted a couple of hours and was ready to hit the bed. We had fun while it lasted though!

And this is just because she's sweet.

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