Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sweet Treats

Things are going pretty good around the Hill home. Abi and KayKay have cheer practice on Monday nights and games every Saturday. They are also still doing gymnastics on Thursdays. Those activities aside from work and daily life have been keeping us pretty busy. Olivia is on the brink of turning three and we will probably be enrolling her in gymnastics sometime soon as well if it is at a reasonable time.

The last few weeks are pretty much a blur. We have had some issues with Makayla while she is at school. She has been to In School Suspension twice within a couple of weeks. Alex and I have been worried about where these behaviors and feelings are coming from. We often have to take a step back and realize that Makayla had a very different life before she came to live with us and typically, no matter how bad the situation was, a child usually has a desire for what they knew. I think that Makayla went through a lot before coming to live with us but she is not very verbal about any of it. I worry that she holds a lot in and then all of a sudden it begins to pour out of her in ways that she doesn't understand. So, please keep KayKay in your prayers. She is good most of the time but those rare outbursts are coming more often and more drastically.

Abigail got her report card and...drum roll please....she made all A's. We are so proud of her. One of her favorite things is to get a chocolate milk shake from Chick-Fil-E. I took her out for a special treat and got her one for all of her hard work.

Olivia is doing good. Her new favorite word is to say "what?" after everything that you say to her whether she heard you or not. She still loves M & M's, Minnie Mouse, Elmo, and pizza. She loves her baby "Lucy" that Nana got her for Christmas. Lucy is a creepy little doll.  She reminded me of Chucky. We named her Lucy, short for Lucifer. Olivia also got a little 4 wheeler for Christmas and she rides it all around the house. When her sisters start chasing eachother, Olivia hops on her 4 wheeler and takes off after them.

Picture Time!!!

Makayla cheering at her first basketball game. She's the loudest one on the team. We are so proud of her!

After their game, we treated them to the Purple Cow. They love purple shakes.

This was her first Purple Cow purple shake.

                                                And the verdict is.............  
      Ha, that looks like a Bill Clinton thumbs up.

Check this out, Olivia had the Elvis Special, a peanut butter and banana sandwich with honey. It was fried in a ton of butter too. Oh, and don't forget the potato chips on the side.

And to top it off, we went to Cupcakes At Kavanaugh and had a cupcake! It was delicious.

This last one was at Nana and Poppa's this weekend.
The days fly by and before I know it a whole month is gone. I wish I had more time to keep this blog updated. I don't think I have even posted Christmas pictures yet!

The girls are out of school tomorrow and I am off as well. We are going to do some grocery shopping and try to enjoy some time together. I hope you all have a very safe and happy week.

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