Saturday, July 20, 2013

PJ 2

IWe got up pretty early to go hike to the water fall before it was too hot. 
Cedar Falls Trail: here we go. 
I am going to be a good friend and show you the amazing views all through out the trail so that you never ever have to climb this trail if you would rather sit it out. 
The water fall was beautiful. It was neat to start hearing the water flowing before we actually saw the falls. 
Hiking back up the mountain was a nightmare to put it nicely. We hit the swimming pool when we got back. 
We took naps in the afternoon. 
Then it was time for lollipops and a silly string fight. 
We had a great dinner at the lodge and looked through the telescope at an upcoming storm. 
A big storm came up. We listened to the thunder and watched the lightning up close. The rain came down and it was gorgeous. I had picked up some state coloring books,crayons, and a petit jean puzzle at the gift shop. We played inside and painted our toes while it stormed. 
We really enjoyed our time at PJ and plan to visit more Arkansas state parks. We highly recommend a visit!

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