Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Collins/Schaefer 2012

The corn maze and pumpkin patch in Mayflower is our favorite. We go every year. It has really been a struggle this year to accomplish our traditions due to the sheer amount of activities going on. But, we managed to make a flying trip to Mayflower on Sunday after our trip to Newhope for Seth and Rachel's wedding.
We finally arrived in Mayflower and things were a little different. The pumpkin patch had moved down the road from the corn maze. It was a little odd, but we proceeded. Once we arrived to the new location, the pasture was filled with vehicles. Tons of others had the same idea we did. The lines were long and it was hot! But we continued with the hayride and pumpkin patchin'.

I love the pumpkin patch and fall!
We haven't carved our pumpkins yet. That will be for another time!

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