Monday, September 3, 2012

NashVegas with the cuz

Brent and I decided it was time to take an adult trip.
The last time we went anywhere just the two of us was when our great grandma McBay passed away.
We flew (which was Brent's first time flying) to Indiana in a shoebox. lol.
It was a sad time but called for a giant family reunion.
We had a great time.
This time we decided on Nasvhille, TN. A nice long road trip.
First thing on the agenda: Food.
We searched Urban Spoon for something good in Memphis and ended up at the
Kooky Canuck.
It was good.The trip had been kicked off right.
And then we arrived.
And this is what you're exposed to when you spend time with an old man.

Headed out on our first day of adventures.
We explored the Belle Meade Plantation and The Hermitage.
They were full of information, history, and beauty.
It was a lot of fun exploring those amazing homes.
I can't forget this yummy place either.
It was delicious.
Brent and I had meal locations booked up that we wanted to try throughout the trip.


The Belle Meade tour ended at a winery with a sampling.
My favorite part was when Brent sauntered up tp the counter for a taste and the bar tender gave him a wine glass-no questions asked.
When I decided that I wanted a sample, he asked for ID. 
I did a fist pump and "YESSSSS!"
Brent and I only had a couple of days away- and the rest of the trip is to be continued.

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