Sunday, July 24, 2011

she did it again

Olivia and I went to the McCain Mall on July 11th so that I could get my wedding bands cleaned.
The lady in the jewelry store kept pulling out these huge diamonds for me to look at and try on (of course).
Olivia kept nagging the entire time about how she wanted her ears pierced. She had mentioned several times lately that she wanted it done. I reminded her every time that it hurts. She had her ears pierced when she was younger and she told her daycare teacher that they hurt. So the teacher took them out and she wouldn't let us put them back in. The holes grew up and now she has decided that she wants to wear cute little earrings.
I asked her over and over while we walked around the mall if she was sure.
And she insisted that she was.
She got in the ear piercing chair and picked out pink diamond flower earrings.
She watched the lady as she cleaned Olivia's ears and marked the spots for the holes.
The lady pierced her right ear first and she let out a little yelp and teared up.
She calmed pretty quickly.
I then explained that the lady had to do her other ear and she began to inch away as the ear piercing gun came closer to her ear. When the second one was done, she sobbed loudly and layed her head on me. I felt horrible for her! I tried to tell her!!
Then the lady pulled out the sucker bowl, and it was all good.
She was a happy kiddo as she walked around the mall with her ear cleaning solution in an
"I got my ears pierced" bag.
She has done really well with them so far.
She still tugs at her ears when she's sleepy and I try to get her to keep her hands off of them.
She's proud of them and asks every day when she can switch them out.
She has no concept of time so "eight weeks" means she is going to ask every day.

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