Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Teenagers Already??

Abigail and Makayla went to stay with Grammie Retta and Papaw Truman for a few days because I have to go back to work tomorrow. We met Grammie in Hot Springs and had lunch at the Purple Cow. Olivia had a screaming fit when her sisters got their booster seats out of the car and went with Grammie eventhough I had already explained to her fifty times what was going to take place today.

So, tonight we are at home: Alex, me, and Liv. Just the three of us....and it wierd. Olivia has been a chatterbox and asking every five minutes "where sissas are?" We had pizza and watched a movie. And then, I really started missing the girls. Alex called them and we talked to them on the phone. Olivia was so giddy about getting to talk to them and they've only been gone about....7 hours.

Olivia got on the phone and began to talk more than I have ever heard her talk to someone over the phone. She told Abi that she rode KayKay's scooter and that she had a cookie. "Wif M&M's on it." My eyes began to tear up because I had a flash forward vision of Abi being off in college and Livi missing her like crazy. I imagined the long phone conversations that they will have (that will probably consist of more than the m&m cookie that Liv had that day). I also am bummed that Alex and the girls will be in Newhope on Friday night and I will be here because I'm on call for work. I haven't been alone at home in forever!  I am planning a sleep over with my buddy Debbie, but I will miss my kiddos. 

At the moment, I am in the girls bedroom and Livi is pilfering through all of their toys and causing as much damage as she possibly can while they are not here to get on to her for touching their stuff. And I am savoring it.  I am going to end with a picture of the girls before school one day a couple of weeks ago.
Good Night!

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Nanna Nette said...

They are growing up too fast!! You will survive it, believe me. Love you!