Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Day of Love and Winter Weather

Here is a run down of Valentine's Day this year. The girls and I made Valentine boxes at home one weekend and had fun getting ready for their school parties.

Working hard on Valentine's.

Abi's finished product.


We had cabin fever from staying in the house during all of the snow/ice days. So we were brave and ventured out. We went to a friend's birthday party. One of the days we went to Best Buy, out to eat, and grocery shopping. The girls and Alex are playing the Beatles game at Best Buy in the picture above.

We had some crazy weather around here. As I'm sure most of you did too.
The birthday part for Abi's class mates was fun though. The kids ran around like crazy.

My posts are all out of time line of events order, but the next one will hopefully be Christmas at our house! Bear with me.

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